hola Barcelona!

Thank you!  
"I had an amazing time with Anika today. She showed us many of the hidden gems of Barcelona. She was so knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging! I would recommend her to anyone I know :) This is an amazing service" (Brianna)

"Me and the fam had an excellent time in Barcelona. Our only regret is that we did not spend enough time with our local friends. In one day with a local friend my family found more interesting stuff then the previous 2 days" (Frank)

"My "local friend" showed me Barcelona as I would've never been able to discover by myself: local neighborhoods, drinks with his friends, local anecdotes, hidden cultural gems... By the time I left, I felt that I really understood this beautiful city and its friendly people. I wish I could have a "local friend" everywhere I go!" (Boris)


 "We had a wonderful time when we traveled to Barcelona a few months ago, all thanks to our " Local Friend". We visited museums, restaurants, and sightseeing attractions that we otherwise would never know about since many of them are not even listed in the general guide books. Our local friend was exceptionally informative and such a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you "Local Friend in Barcelona". You really made our trip a truly memorable one. I cant wait to go back!!" (Diana) 

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